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12 Ways To Sell More Digital Products While Spending Less

What is the essence of creating a digital product if it is not to sell it? Sometimes last year, I created an eBook that sold only two copies. A close friend bought one and the other was from a supporter. So, I know how frustrating it is to not sell your digital products when you have spent precious time researching, writing, and creating the product. In this post, I have written eleven ways that will help you sell more of your digital product as it helped me and you know what’s cool? You don

Is There A Cure For Sickle Cell Disease?

If there is a cure for sickle cell, does it change your genotype to AA or AS? Does it mean you won’t have to deal with sickle cell complications? There are so many questions that arise when we talk about a cure for sickle cell disease. I decided to learn everything I could about the cure for sickle cell. I’m writing this post to help you answer the question is there a cure for sickle cell disease? If you are active online you must have seen comments or messages saying they can cure sickle cell

10 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs with Chronic Illness

Note from Kate: Please enjoy this guest post from Abayomi! Then check out his blog. As an entrepreneur living with a chronic illness, I sometimes find myself wanting to give my all to my business and trying to take things slow because of my health. You would agree with me that being an entrepreneur is hard work but being an entrepreneur living with a chronic illness, you have to work harder. There are days you would not feel like your best self and you need rest, days like these mean you would

How to make money on Instagram: Even if you have 1,000 followers

Is it truly possible to make money on Instagram even with a thousand followers? The answer is yes. I’ll show you how in this post. Gone are the day when Instagram was a small social media platform where friends and family connect and catch up on old times. Now, Instagram has evolved into a marketing tool for businesses but not just a marketing tool, it is also a potential money-making tool for everyone. Yes, you read that right. Everyone. And that is because of its diverse audience. Accord

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